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Our products focus on quality and are designed to satisfy the most demanding customers. We apply the cutting-edge AD and DA converters by ESS technology. Signal is sampled at the sample rate of 384 kHz / 24 bit. Dynamic range may reach up to 135dB and THD+N up to -120dB.

Top-quality components are used in every piece of the hardware in order to achieve a brilliant sound. Mechanical design does not lag behind in terms of quality. High-quality connectors and robust materials suitable for re-use were applied in the production process.


Modularity represents the main distinctive feature of our portfolio. There are no more compromises needed when buying audio devices. You can customize the configuration according to your needs, required functions, IOs, number and types of IO modules. Module replacement will take no more than 10 seconds and there is no need to apply any other tools.

You may choose from various sizes and types of G Base devices into which the IO modules can be inserted. Have a look at our offer of Galileo modules. The number of power supplies and control modules can be configured.

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Despite the high-quality solutions available on the market, the risk of device failure still persists. Therefore, we introduce the solution of simple redundancy for the customers who need higher availability of devices. Any modules or even the whole device may be easily doubled to ensure the high availability.

Hot-swap is one of the crucial functions of our devices. For the first time, it is possible to supplement or exchange modules in case of their failure even when they are running. The possibility improves the stability and availability of the device. In case of failure of any module, you do not need to plan the maintenance; it is possible to exchange the module immediately. Our devices are self-diagnosable, i.e. you can prevent maintenance at the most inappropriate moments by using our real-time hardware monitoring.


We adopt the innovative approach to sound processing. We strive not to limit ourselves to narrow range of functions, instead, we introduce new elements which improve the overall comfort of our customers.

We also offer the transfer of other signals such as lighting control systems. For the communication among our devices, it is possible to use copper or optical cables connected directly or by switch or to apply the existing network infrastructure, e.g. in the buildings. Sound and lighting control system (and video in the future) can be transferred over a single networking cable.

Functionality is almost unlimited. In case you have not found a functionality you are searching for among our modules, contact us.

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Control of our devices was created with the focus on simplicity and work efficiency. Besides simple and intuitive control of devices we also offer cloud services using the digital console, web or iOS applications. These tools for configuration, settings and presets represent the effective tools for online communication with artists or bands. Our cloud solutions allow effective cooperation with your team.

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