Analog Input module

Group: audio
Order code: mai


Analog input module was designed with extremely high demand on audio quality. The purpose of the module is to convert and process balanced audio signal to 384 kHz / 24bit synchronous digital format used for processing and transferring inside our modules and between our devices.

Such a high sample rate does not guarantee great sound quality. In order to achieve crystal bright sound, we utilize the best solutions available:

  • High-quality printed circuit boards are used in the module with controlled impedance and gold coated traces.
  • Digital and analog parts of boards are separated and do not interfere analog audio.
  • Balanced signal is used inside the module to reduce noise as much as possible.
  • We use bi-stable relays that need only very short voltage impulse on coil to change the switch state, which enables the reduction of electromagnetic interference to the signal.
  • Ultra-low noise power regulators are used for each channel separately in order to reduce noise. They supply the rock stable phantom power nearly as good as the battery source.
  • To achieve precise clocking, the module includes a specifically designed circuit with Crystek crystal driven Phase Locked Loop with jitter less than 600 femtoseconds.
  • Analog to digital converter by ESS technology ES9102 with a dynamic range up to 135dB and -120dB THD+N is the heart of electronics inside the module.
  • Operational amplifier for line level is OPA1612 by Texas instruments. THAT corp. controllers perform the gain control.

The module has a self-diagnostic feature to prevent unwanted outage before it happens. Redundancy of input channels is possible with multiple Analog Input modules in different slots or Base boxes. The module is fully hot-swappable, the change, replacement and reconfiguration is possible without the need to turn devices off. The module is compatible with all Base boxes and consoles of G series.


  • 4 channel analog balanced inputs (4 channel balanced insert return)
  • 384 kHz / 24-bit audio quality
  • up to 135dB dynamic range, over -120dB THD+N.
  • Remotely controllable:
    • Gain
    • Volume
    • Mute
    • Input impedance
    • Lift-ground
    • Phase invert
    • Analog input impedance switch for Mic/Line
    • Pad switch
  • Rock stable phantom power for each input.
  • Hot-swappable module
  • Robust chassis
  • High-quality XLR Neutrik™ connectors
  • Maximum modules in a signle Base box: No-limitations
  • Slots used: 1
  • Net weight: TBA
  • status: in development
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