­Control module

Group: mandatory
Order code: mc


Control module is a brain of G line solutions. It is a mandatory module for Base box. Besides control operating system it performs all signal routing inside of the Base box. The control module communicates with each module in the Base box and controls it. It carries out the whole system management. Module has 2 SFP connectors for redundant connection of multiple Base boxes. It also includes 1 extra Ethernet RJ45 interface for management of the device. Management can be accessed over WiFi connection as well. The control module can act as wireless hotspot or client.

Any electronic device may fail. With G line it is possible to have full redundancy of all components. Even control module can be doubled in the same way as PSU module or option modules. With G line solutions, you can achieve high-availability every time you need it.


  • Control module for: Base box 24/24F/36
  • 147456 crosspoints for channel routing
  • 2 Redundant Gigabit Ethernet connections
  • Ethernet connection over SFP connectors
  • Optical: 1000Base-SX Multi-mode / 1000Base-LX/LH Single-mode / 1000Base-ZX Single-mode
  • Copper: 1000Base-T / 10/100/1000Base-T (Gigabit connection is recommended due high load on network traffic.)
  • 1 copper Ethernet RJ45 for the management network
  • Redundancy possible
  • Robust chassis
  • 1.7-inch monochrome display
  • Maximum modules in one Base box: 2
  • Control module slots used: 1
  • Net weight: TBA
  • status: in development
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