Headphones module

Group: audio
Order code: mhp


Headphones module was designed to deliver headphones outputs anywhere it is needed:

- The module has 4 separate stereo headphones outputs, the sources of which can be easily changed.
- ESS technology ES9018 DA converter with the dynamic range up to 135dB and THD+N -120dB is used in the module.
- It also applies OPA1632 trans-impedance amplifiers and TPA6120A2 headphone amplifiers to increase sound quality and reduce noise.
- In order to achieve precise clocking, the module has a specifically designed clock with Crystek crystal driven Phase Locked Loop with jitter less than 600 femtoseconds.
- The module has a self-diagnostic feature to prevent unwanted outage before it happens.


  • 4 channel stereo headphones outputs
  • Remotely controllable volume and mute
  • High quality TRS ¼” Neutrik connectors
  • Extender MPH4E is not mandatory.
  • Maximum modules in a single Base box: No-limitations
  • Slots used: 1
  • Net weight: TBA
  • status: in development
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