­Multi-track recorder module

Group: signal
Order code: mrec


Multi-track recorder module was designed for easy recording of selected tracks (channels). With this option module the external recording device is not necessary anymore. Multitrack stores separate wave files (each mono file for each track, stereo file for stereo tracks) to module’s SSD hard drive. SSD hard drive is used to achieve seamless recording without any drops. The source of recording can come from any G series device. One can select where the recording signal originates in entire channel signal chain. It is possible to download the recorded files to USB flash or HDD drive or network location. The module can be removed from Base box and may be used as USB hard drive. After recording, simply remove the module from Base box and connect it to your PC or Mac.


  • Up to 128 channels recording
  • Up to 1 TB SSD drive
  • USB 3.0 connection for download of the recordings
  • Download files to USB flash/HDD drive or network location
  • Module can be used as external drive outside the Base box
  • Maximum modules in a single Base box: Base 24 and 24f: 4, Base 36: 6
  • Slots used: 1
  • Net weight: TBA
  • status: in development
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